The 5 Must-Have Apps for all the Aspiring Documentary Filmmakers


Mar 15, 2018

There is a wide range of points that come into the context of Filmmaking. First, you need to get the plot set right and the right elements of the scene. Then arrange them in the right way, so that each element is visible on the screen completely.

What about the recording platform? You may get a camera for yourself, and then create an amazing film out of it. What if you are out of budget already, and only got your smartphone with you?

Can you still make quality movies using your phone? The answer is Hell Yes!

Apps for Documentary Filmmakers

Apps for making Best Movies | Documentary Filmmakers

Your tiny little gadget in hand can perform a lot of operations now. This has been made possible only because of one thing, and that is  – Applications! Order a pizza, book a cab, buy clothes, groceries, vegetables just using your phone and Internet Connection.

In the same way, you could shoot movies for your documentary stuff using your smartphone too! Below are the 5 top filmmaker apps for iPhone that every filmmaking fanatic should try at least once:

1. Bear

Do you make notes and draw outlines of the sketch during the content creation? Then this is the perfect app that you must check out, and try once. You can organize photographs, texts and other drawings on the app effectively.

2. Forms

This app is more about the legal aspects of the filmmaking. You can get contracts and access them easily like never before and make production work smooth.

3. Rodec Rec

Audio is an important aspect of a film, and important for your documentary films too. Rodec Rec allows you to analyze the real-time sound, and reduce the sound of the other elements for getting a sharp clear sound of the main element. You could store the files in a different format, and store them in SoundCloud, Dropbox, and others.

4. Artemis Director’s Viewfinder

This app emulates the director’s lenses and set them in the best way before getting started with the filming. It also comes with better aspect ratio choices and various camera settings so that you get what you are exactly looking for.

5. Shootlister

When we are working on a documentary kind of films, it usually doesn’t have any assistant director. In that case, you could try out the Shootlister app that can help you in organizing and keeping a check on the scenes that are already shot.

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